Monday, October 25, 2010

Lodda Shit

Last night I incredibly slept unusually early, which was 9.15 to be exact. I dreamt of my kampung in Melaka, and at that time i saw me and my brother(Fariz) there. We went for a walk to the nearby shop, to buy some stuffs which i did not remembered what or why did we walk to the shop in the first place. *duhh where the effin car??* okay back to the dream, after we settled at the shop, we walked back. This was when it all started. The path we took on the way home was not the same as the path we took earlier. So don't mind that unfunny situation, while we were heading home, I saw this one big black dog more like a grim more like a rotweiler(idk how to spell), well conclude that it was one nasty bastard son of b*#$h. AND IT WAS RUNNING FRANTICALLY AFTER US. Hell yeah! We ran as fast as we could and I threw what we bought at the shop at that dog, unfortunately, its still running, chasing, panting after us. We tried to outrun it, we ran and ran like its the end of days. I looked at the back of my shoulder, the huge black nasty dog was just inches behind me getting ready to jump for its meal. Its mouth fully furnished with fangs and outlayered by its drool. Its paw clenched in every step it took, showing off its filthy sharp claws ready to lounge at us and tear us apart with its divinely created tools of assasination. My breath became slower and slower as I gasp for air, my legs trembled as I watched Fariz ran for his life, he didn't look back. He kept running, I pulled out my hands reaching for him as my throat was to occupied to gasp for air to threw any voice away. I tripped and fell to the solid ground. I felt my skin tore as my knee and chin hit the sandy ground. The barking was right behind my ear, It was was horifying, the NEXT thing i knew. I was on my bed, at home, i felt the cold breezy wind of my air-conditioner brushed softly against my skin. my body covered with my blanket, i reached down to my knee, there wasn't any injuries. THANK GOD IT WAS JUST AN EFFIN DREAM. I laughed alone in my room. switched off the lights, remembered bout my dream. Firstly, i was in Melaka, but the shoplots i went was in Ipoh. Pffft, don't make no sense at all. Oh yeah and the dog was from Harry Potter movie. LOLS. ugh. back to sleep~

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